Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moet Abebe Begs Boo To Come Home After He Told Her 'Her Body Is 11 On A Scale Of 1-10'

You know when you are so MUCH in love, nothing can hide it, no status, absolutely nothing. And by now you know MOET is madly in love with her singing boyfriend. She posted a video of her dancing to one of his tracks saying the song is such a jam and yo! @Monk_Chief replied. He replied saying she looks beautiful as always, and excited lover girl replied saying, Awww!!! Thank you my lover @monk_chief and you are always looking yummy too.

‘He then took it further saying, ‘on a scale from 1 to 10, you're an 11 Mami’,then Moet went weak, had to admit she needs him, and then asked him TO COME HOME.

Lol, some hot online PDA, right? Lol. Watch the video that started all this below and PLS see a photo of him too! And may be a previous post of them here too. Lol.


  1. Good for her. The guy no get one photo of them on his instagram

  2. The prick must be good ni yen