Monday, July 31, 2017

Photo: Man Buys First House Aged 99

A great-grandfather has finally taken a step onto the property ladder by buying his first home - aged 99.

Geoffrey Green has spent his life working as a tenant farmer on estate-owned farmland - following two generations of his family who previously worked there.

But the near centurion has decided it was finally time to depart the farmhouse and buy his own property - a suite with assisted living in a brand new retirement village.

Mr Green, of Combe, Oxon., said: "I've had a wonderful life and I worked hard.

"My father said to me 'Do everything a man can do but do it better' - and I worked damn hard."

And speaking of his first very own home, in Richmond Witney retirement village, he said: "I like it very much here but I do sometimes go back to the Manor Farm."

Mr Green is enjoying his new home, despite just relocating.


  1. Congrats to him but how many more years will he spend in it?

  2. Wow that's nice but late. At least his grandkids can have something to inherit

  3. My prayer to God is to celebrate my 30th birthday in my own house. Congrats man

  4. Congrats. It's better late than never