Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Photos: Luxury Yacht Explodes Into Flames

A huge luxury yacht has burst into flames at a beach known for its celebrity visitors, sending a plume of black smoke into the sky.

The massive boat, thought to be worth millions of pounds, suddenly caught on fire close to Pampelonne beach in St Tropez, France.

Sun-worshippers and families relaxing on the beach looked on in horror as the 65ft-long boat was engulfed by flames at around 6.30pm yesterday.

The area is popular among stars, with Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble recently photographed holidaying on a boat in the region.

A Swedish tourist captured a video on his mobile phone, which shows people stood in disbelief on the sand as the vessel continued to burn.

The beach is a favourite with celebrities, who arrive by boat. Their vessels are then usually moored in the sea, as they sample what the French resort has to offer.

The luxury boat which caught fire appeared to have a Belgian flag attached.

However, it has not been confirmed who owns the boat, or what the cause of the fire was


  1. It has served his purpose ni yen

  2. Why are people just looing cant they call for help

  3. Fire on top river? Just soak the yatch

  4. Jesus.. What a great loss... I hope it's not @Kola that owns it

    Hope no one died?

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  5. The owner must have insured it.

  6. #hauntedship#clivecussler#responsivists...

  7. Any person capable of having a yacht, should have sense of insuring it. Anyways,sure the owner is capable of getting another.