Monday, July 10, 2017

Pictured! Teacher Detained For Criticising Ex-Police Boss On Facebook

A secondary school teacher, Muhammed Kime, has been arrested by the police in Damaturu, Yobe State for allegedly posting a message on Facebook that was considered critical of a former Minister of Police Affairs, Maina Waziri.

In the post, Kime also lampooned a former governor of the state, Senator Bukar Abba, saying he had not sponsored a single bill at the National Assembly since he was elected as a senator.

Waziri was said to have lodged a complaint at the police headquarters over the Facebook post leading to Kime’s arrest on Friday afternoon.

The graduate of Linguistics was said to have been arrested by the police shortly after putting up the post in which he flayed Waziri and Abba, describing them as heavy drinkers.

“Well, for the record, we know the man (Abba) to be the most heavy drinker (sic) in Yobe State after Maina Waziri,” he wrote on Facebook.

The N-power enrollee further berated the former governor for not having a constituency office in his senatorial district.

Kime wrote, “As a senator for years, this man hasn’t for once sponsored a single bill. Neither has he purchased a single nine inch block in the name of starting a constituency project.

“Someone should start the recall process of this man before the real occupant of that seat goes to get his seat! And after the recall, this man shouldn’t step his foot in Yobe. This is too holy a place for people like him…”

Mukhtar Aja told Punch on Saturday that his cousin, Kime, was detained at the state command headquarters in Damaturu, adding that his bail was being processed.

Kime, who was released shortly after, told Northern City News that the police accused him of defamation of character and incitement.

He said, “Waziri personally came to complain to the police about what I wrote on Facebook; so, the police arrested me. I merely wrote that in the annals of Yobe State, only Waziri drinks more than Abba.

“The police released me on bail and said I should report every Monday until they decide the next line of action to take, whether they would charge me to court.”


  1. Gbam!!! Cyber bully must be stopped

  2. What happened to freedom of speech?

  3. In a democracy? This is a shame

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