Monday, July 3, 2017

Remember Nigerian Doctor Who Opened Fire At Bronx-Lebanon Hospital? Here’s Why He Did It

The reason a Nigerian doctor, Henry Bello opened fire on his colleagues at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in US has been revealed in a mail. It’s claimed that the mail was sent two hours before he carried out the fatal shooting and before turning the gun on himself.
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  1. It still doesn't justify his senseless killing

  2. Henry, sorry would have solved your problem. Men chill on your ego

  3. U should have come back home

    1. Nope.He should have stayed there, faced his problems till the end, and that was exactly what he did.

      After borrowing and spending close to half a million dollar as students loan to train as a physician, some niggars decided to block his chance of getting licensed as a physician and you wanted him to leave everything and come back home.
      Come back home to where? Nigeria or California where he started his American dream struggle from?

      They blocked his chance not because he failed his exams and not because he didn't performed well in treating patients.
      They blocked his chance all because he wasn't getting along well with them.

      Where they getting along well with him and other African doctors that looked like him? Fuck all of them.

      He did not shoot at patients. He shot those he felt contributed to his career being destroyed. Those people he shot were fellow doctors. And if he did shoot at patients, he probably mistook them for fellow doctors he had grievances with.

      Agreed, some of ‘them’ doctors he shot were innocent, and he shouldn't have shot at those who didn't do anything wrong to him, but to anyone who has been fatally wronged and who is at war, all is fair.

      He knew what he was doing. He went there with the sole purpose of whacking the leader of those who destroyed his career.

      He ought to have done surveillance on ‘them’ guys but he did not or maybe he did but the lead guy was just lucky not to have been there on that day. He should have turned back the moment they told Him the guy was not there but due to the level of anger in him, he just went along with his plan.

      He shouldn't have killed himself either, but he did. He should have allowed the state of NY to do whatever necessary with him while exercising his right of getting an attorney and claiming insanity of hearing voices to kill them evil niggas.

      The innocent lady doctor he killed may even have been suffering in that hospital like he did, but he still killed her anyway, which was very wrong.

      Now, they are using the press to write shit on him, all because he is dead. Some are claiming he kidnapped somebody when the lady was his girlfriend he had a short fling with. They wrote that he kicked somebody’s door opened and stole items, when the person involved was somebody who he knew, a girlfriend, who was at home at that time, and all he was trying to do was take back items he bought for the lady.
      They are even claiming that he is not a qualified medical doctor when he has passed all his USMLE Steps from step 1 to step 3. He did Step 2 clinical skills and he passed it with flying colors.

      All he needed was a place to do his residency and specialize but they wouldn't let him.

      That guy called Dr Bello is an epitome of what to struggle and make something out of life is, though at the end of his short life he carried out some stupid shit but people need to be aware that there were reasons for it.

      To the late Dr Henry Bello, you have done your part brother. No shaking.
      May your soul Rest In Peace, and may those who destroyed your career never die. They should all live for ever.

      Now, what I want is for his family to come out and start defending him while apologizing to the family of the innocent lady doctor he killed.