Thursday, July 20, 2017

Remember The Woman Paraded Round Town For Sleeping With A Younger Lover? She Has Been FINED

A 70-year-old widow, Mrs. Maria Okoh, caught having sex with a 30-year-old man in Amauzu Nkpoghoro village in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State, has been fined three goats after being paraded round the village to appease the land.

It was gathered that the septuagenarian was caught in the act by one of her grandchildren, who had gone to give her food in her late husband’s house.

The granddaughter reportedly went straight to her grandmother’s room with the food items only to meet her on the bed stack naked making love with a young man in his early 30’s.

The grand-daughter reportedly raised the alarm seeing what is described as an abominable act in the community; a source added that she immediately reported the matter to the elders, who in turn alerted youths of the village.

The source said the villagers immediately dragged the widow and her lover out of the house, where they were hiding, and paraded them round the community, chanting disgraceful songs behind them as punishment for their atrocious act.

The source, who pleaded anonymity, added that the punishment meted out to the two lovers was the worst punishment anyone could go through in Afikpo land.

He said the woman would have faced a greater punishment if her husband was still alive.

The source, however, revealed that the act has brought shame to the widow’s family, adding that she was among the most respected women in the community before the incident.

It was gathered that according to the community’s custom, the woman will give three goats as fine after being paraded round the village to appease the land.


  1. Things grandma's are doing abroad without shame. Why parade her?

  2. These people are so freaking barbaric. So uncivilized.

    And this is happening in Nigeria.

    Instead of the grand daughter being happy that her grandmum has found a fresh young love that is shagging her grandmum through all orifices thus making her grandmum happy and not lonely again, she snitched on her grandmum by reporting her to other villagers.

    So, they expected this old woman not to ever fall in love again?

    They expected her not to ever have sexual feelings for somebody she desire?

    With the way, these villagers are treating this elderly woman, she might kuku commit suicide. Abi, what is there to live for after this kind of undeserved disgrace.

    This guy should should kuku take the woman, relocate with her, and start a fresh new life with his brand new elderly bride somewhere far away from that village.


    1. Thanks, Diane. That wristwatch is nice.

  3. Shameless old woman. She should face the consequences knowing it's a taboo

    1. Why is it a taboo to have sex or rather why should it be a taboo for a widow or a widower to have sex?


      Are you not having sex with your husband?
      Abi na sexless marriage be your marriage?

      It was not as if the old woman was cheating on her husband.
      The husband is dead and ain't coming back, so this woman should now remain lonely and be living a loveless and sexless life?

      Don't you even know that sex/intercourse is in itself medicinal.

      I bet you, some of the villagers parading the woman are either shagging other villager's spouses and even disvirgining girls and boys that are still under aged.

      The elderly woman did nothing wrong.
      All the villagers that assaulted this woman should be arrested and punished.

      The archaic custom that made it a taboo for a widow to be loved and fucked by a young stud needs to be refined or totally abolished.

      Even, for guys, there is nothing as good as having an older woman as a lover. If you are a guy, and you did that before, you are really missing out.

      The older lover will pamper you, take care of you both socially and financially if need be, and give “it” to you on demand all the time unlike where you have to be practically begging for it had it been a younger lover who will always be afraid of getting pregnant.


    2. Barbarian

  4. Lol


    @Mama is a widow Now.. She has every right to have sex.. .kikikiki

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  5. Ha grand daughter exposed her. Dead much

  6. Omo the woman no try at all. That man is like her grandson o

  7. Mr. Fantastic20 July, 2017 11:43

    That's why progress continues to elude Africa - retrogressive laws for 'crimes' hurting NO ONE.
    A woman and her lover - neither of them engaged in lovemaking at the expense of the other. What makes it abominable? Is her husband living? Is the lover a minor? Was he being raped? Ignorance at its heights. As that grand-child has sown may she reap, unless she asks God for forgiveness.