Wednesday, July 19, 2017

R.Kelly Called Out By Joycelyn's Father, Says I Dare You To Sue

R. Kelly has been challenged to a showdown in court by the father of one of his alleged captives, Joycelyn Savage.

Tim Savage responded to the video TMZ posted of his daughter, where Joycelyn insists she is not being held against her will, and wants her family to stop contacting her.

But Tim says the video proves his point, especially because Joycelyn would not say where she is currently.

In denying the allegations, Kelly's camp said they would go after his accusers - but Tim says BRING IT ON!

As for Joycelyn's claim that she's just fine, her father says, "I'm praying for you, baby."


  1. Kelly's charm is working on the girl

  2. It's only prayers that can deliver her

  3. joycelyn's father should just pray more