Monday, July 24, 2017

See How Rich Kids Of South Africa Live Their Lives

Instagram gives users the chance to peek into (and get jealous of) lifestyles that most mere mortals could never afford.

But for the pampered teens and twenty-somethings featured on the Rich Kids of South Africa feed, it seems nothing is out of reach.

Whether it's flitting between five-star hotels in their super-cars or by private jet, or splashing some of their endless stacks of cash on his 'n' hers Louboutins, the extravagant lifestyle of South Africa's young elite is all documented here.

They've joined existing international accounts including the Rich Kids of Dubai, the Rich Kids of London and even the Rich Kids of Vietnam, all of whom delight in flaunting their luxury holidays and jaw-dropping shopping sprees online. More photos…


  1. Why hushpuppi wears womens clothes is be cause his rich arab boyfriend tells him to wear them and post on instagram. That is how his arab bfs and their clicks get their trip. Hushpuppi is not doing it for IG fame, instead he is doing it as his selling point. Take it from an insider.

  2. When will you bring the rich kids of Nigeria

  3. Replies
    1. are you disillusioned? What is good about what is shown above? A babe stands in front of a car which can be anybody's car or for any reason other than being the owner you say that is good

      same for all the pictures don't just be stupid while people rob you of sanity, be more analytical?

      ask questions like how do these pictures show that the owners are rich? they show you legs no face, why not think it could be the manufacturers advertising the shoes, someone stands by a pool how does it mean he owns the pool.

      you sef fit go any pool side for anywhere in nigeria and snap picture does it make you a rich man's kid?