Friday, July 21, 2017

Senator Adeleke Loves To Dance Because He Is OBESE- Kemi Olunloyo

Kemi Olunloyo has again found a victim! Permit us to always use the word victim on her preys! Kemi took to IG to say the only reason Senator Adeleke dances so much is because he is trying to get rid of his excess fat, she then went on to call Nigerians illiterate (it's not her first time) and educated them thus;

'I always say “Always focus on the bigger picture”. Senator Adeleke is OBESE but he’s seen constantly dancing the FAT away. He’s not sedentary. Dance exercises are the best! Nigerians online are generally illiterates who feel that each time I give medical advice, its not my business. Wake up. I’m a 29yr health professional and health journalist among other things. The ailments below will not be in your portion IJN.
Heart disease
High blood pressure
High cholesterol

These are attributes that affect fat people faster than trim, muscular fit people. Kudos to the #DancingSenator. Work it'


  1. Does she have children? They need to take her to yaba left

  2. True. But that is not the resaon he dances. He loves to dance

  3. @KOO is not abusing the senator in any way

    She is only stating the fact

    This man dances so well.. And it helps him to be in good shape

    People should just look at the message and not the messenger

    I get lots of people hate @KOO

    But she speaks the truth so often

    Bitter truth

    @Anonymous Orubebe

    1. @Prince I don't have your time

      Why argue with you? When I know your joy is dead

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  4. Clap for urself kemi. U need to commit urself voluntarily to a psychiatric ward. I feel sorry for ur kids. So embarrassing having a mother like u.

  5. True he is obese, but that might not be his reason for dancing and Miss olunloyo sometimes take the hight road or path. And I am sure he knows this. What else are you good for apart from your new love for bashing supposed obese people. Jail is knocking on you door again

  6. Kemi olunloyo has found another profession

  7. Iya werey again

  8. Earthquakes are terrible

  9. Kemi is a joker, I don't pay attention to her jargons

  10. Who let the dog out again? The bast*rd of the family. Those ailments also affect some slim people, Miss drop-out medical doctor! Senator Adeleke should not reply this nutter on Social Media.

    What I dislike most is how she makes fun of Seyi Law's daughter by saying she is fat simply she has chubby cheeks. Seyi's daughter is not over weight. Kemi back off!