Monday, July 17, 2017

SOS: You Guys Have A Mail....

Dear Ladun Laidi,

Good afternoon and happy new week. Pls am a pregnant woman due for delivery on September 6,2017 but on Saturday 8th July,2017, I started having drainage of water which led me to the hospital and on getting there I was also told my PCV is 24( which means my blood level is low as well) At the moment I can't afford my medical bills, nor meals to get my blood level up not to talk of the comfit sanitary pad. I don't even know how i will pay for my delivery fee when the time is due. Am left with 2 comfit sanitary pad and am being advice not to use cloth rag in place of the sanitary pad to avoid infection. The little pineapple fruit business money I was saving has finish due to the  water drainage and I can't afford either the medical bills or to have a meal plan that will boost my blood level. am a single mother. Please kindly help me in posting this in your blog or publicizing it. In case if you need anything from me to prove my case as an honest one am ready to do so. Please help the child in my womb. Is not his or her fault but mine for bringing him or her when I shouldn't have due to condition beyond my control. Thanks in Advance. Attached is my lab result and scan from the hospital.

If you are touched to help her, send us a mail (, so we can give you her email address for you to ask her further questions.


  1. Hoping you will get the help you need. What happened to the man that impregnated you

  2. Can you locate the guy that impregnated you? Or you impregnated yourself? Please take your case to him or to your immediate family members. Nobody was there when you were shouting "fuck me harder!". Here comes the result; now you want Nigerians that are shouldering their own personal hefty loads, to come to your rescue. Nigeria is full of fraudsters in different guise. You may not like my comment, but that is my conclusion. Figure yourself out, sister!

    1. Were you there that you heard her screaming fuck me harder?
      She could have been coerced by the guy.

      I bet you know how some guys would be like " you know babe, let me just put the tip of my peepee on it, I swear I won't put it inside". For only the hood rat to push his peepee deep inside after being allowed to put his peepee on it.

      Some guys would even promise Heaven and Earth to use a condom but they will trick the bitch and do it raw.

      So please, don't blame this girl. Help her if you can.

      The only way I can help her is to settle some of her hospital bills directly, after confirming that she is truly pregnant and in dire need of financial assistance.
      I have given money to somebody before who said she needed a sewing machine but the lady used the money for something else. I am not going to be scammed twice by bitches.

      So, Ladun, if you can confirm that she is truly pregnant , then somebody like me will assist her to pay her medical bills directly to the hospital.


      If you

    2. @Oluatlanta send Ladun a mail to help her. That is the most important thing here

  3. This is what i dont get. Madam you are a single mother, you already have a child. Why will you get pregnant again without a commitment.

  4. This is what i dont get. Madam you are a single mother, you already have a child. Why will you get pregnant again without a commitment.

  5. What about the family of the man that impregnanted you madam?

  6. Yoruba demons things,they can sleep with anything for 1k without protection

  7. Ladun, kindly verify her claim ASAP and please forward her details to me on I will take up her case for financial supports provided I can get a direct confirmation from Ladun. God bless.