Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Game Defends Usher Amid Herpes Scandal

Usher has been dead silent since allegations of him knowingly infecting women with herpes hit the Internet. But that hasn’t stopped The Game from speaking on the matter. The rapper recently took it upon himself to blast a number of critics on Instagram yesterday telling everyone to back off of the R&B singer.

“Stop tryna tear n****s down with all this maybe bogus s**t. Jane Doe this, Jane Doe that. A week ago everybody were Usher fans, now because of a health condition he may or may not have, it f**k Usher, stay away from him,”  The Game wrote in response to a series of nasty judgments about Usher.

Game, who’s real name is Jayceon Taylor, also turned the hate right back on the commentators, saying: “Half the people commenting in here ain’t even took a shower or brush they teeth this morning yet & got dirty d**ks & fish market smellin’ vaginas tryna weigh in on somebody else’s life. Foh & let this man live bruh.”

While it’s nice that Game swooped in to save Usher’s day, it would’ve been even nicer to hear from the “Let It Burn” singer himself.


  1. Why using paracetamol for another man's headache?

  2. Usher wont say anything. And also who asked the game for his opinion. I am sure its a birds of same feather situation.

  3. Bird of a feather

    @Anonymous Orubebe

    1. Birds of the same feather.