Sunday, July 30, 2017

There's Nothing Like Serving God, Tonto Dikeh Says As She Shed Tears In IG Video

We already told you before now that she has given her life to Christ and she makes that known almost everyday on IG. Today, she took to IG to preach the word and even shed tears while speaking in tongues and letting people know, nothing in life is better that serving God in truth. Watch the video after the cut... I WONT BE SURPRISED IF SHE HAS TRULY BEEN CALLED.

#PLS SWIPE LEFT# Just imagine the POWER that would be incubated in words reeling out of the mouth of the uncreated creator! The very one who spoke you into existence and whose hands shaped your destiny! And so in every circumstance, I just want to know what God said, because the opinion of Man is only a weapon to fight your faith! They will tell you why you won't get the job. They will tell you how hard it is as a single mother to ever find a good Man.. They will say waiting on God is a waste of time They'll suggest you don't have what it takes.. They will show you how else it can't be done.. They will have facts... They will point to test results.. They will quote statistics..They will confuse you..Some will condemn you... Why do you even think God will do it they'll ask.. Because, he is not a Man that he should lie. Because his covenant will He not break nor alter that which has gone out of his mouth. Because His thoughts towards you are thoughts of good, to give you an expected end. And because of this we know that All Things... Again I say all things work together for our good! So if he said it, he will make it good and if he spoke he will bring it to pass..for in all these things we are more than Conquerors! LET GO AND LET GOD.. TRUST HIM ENOUGH... When the holyspirit takes Over you,HE CAUSES EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE TO GLOW/EXCEL.. Cc @pascalamanfo #KINGTONTO #MAMAKING #RADICAL4JESUS 🔥🔥🔥
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  1. Is it the same person that curses and humiliating abuses against her husband/mother in law?