Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trump Arrives In France Amid Deep Unpopularity In Europe

US President Donald Trump has arrived in Paris for a meeting with France's President Emmanuel Macron, his second trip in less than a week to Europe, where he is deeply unpopular.

Trump arrived today after an overnight flight from Washington ahead of Bastille Day celebrations in Paris.

The invitation by France’s recently-elected president may give Trump a brief respite from his domestic and international woes, amid ongoing criticism at home over his alleged Russian connections and foreign isolation over his nationalistic, "America first" policy. The trip comes despite Trump’s unpopularity in France and across Europe.

Anti-Trump protests are planned while he is in Paris. Trump's decision last month to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement sparked outrage across Europe.


  1. The oldest and the youngest presidents

  2. Trump has turned to nightmare of all

  3. Anytime france is being mentioned, I always think of when we'll have a vibrant young man like him will rule Nigeria