Friday, July 7, 2017

We Should Be Begging The Igbos For Forgiveness- Fani-Kayode

Lawyer and former minister of Aviation Femi Fani-Kayode has requested that forgiveness be sought from the Igbos in connection to the number of lives lost during the civil war.

In a tweet obtained yesterday, he said “We killed 3 million Igbos in the war including 1 million children. We should be begging them for forgiveness and not threatening them”.


  1. FFK's idiocy is getting out of hands

  2. This woman wrapper should just keep quiet

  3. When you were in the previous government what did you do on this? Parrot!

  4. He is right

  5. Confused soul

  6. This guy is just an irresponsible bastard , who gave u dat figure ? Our leaders need brain check before appointment, else how can someone that served the country is colliding with some bigot to destroy it ,

  7. Egbon FFK, if you are reading me, you have finally lost it.
    You have reached the point of no return.

    Jesu Eledumare, gone are the days when colleagues of FFK like Dr Okupe used to bused some of us from Unllag/Medilag to come and listen to them speak sense at seminars /conferences all over las gidi, from Ikeja to VI.

    In those days you do nothing but marveled at these guys whenever and wherever they were speaking as you just wanted to be like them.

    But, as of today, nothing but rubbish comes out of the mouth of all these once-but-no-longer respected egbons.
    Is it the Igbo pussy that Egbon FFK is shagging that has made him to lose not only his orientation but his mind?
    Egbon, that pussy ain't even a fresh one.
    There is no damn thing spectacular about that stale pussy that has turned your mind upside down.

    For the record, it is a known fact that Igbo military officers led by Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi organized and executed the first military coup in Nigeria and thereby plunging our country into nothing but a circle of coups and counter coups.
    And so, Igbos were the ones through this act alone that singularly turned Nigeria into a Zoo, a banana republic.

    The only civil war we have ever had in our country was caused and instigated by the Igbos military officers murdering of northern and Southwestern political leaders after prompting their silly and half baked political leaders to travel out of the country just like Ojukwu ran away from the war front dressed like a woman.

    At that time these Igbo military officers (who were duly supported by most if not all fellow Igbo civilians ) carried out this evil act just because they wanted to corner political power in Nija and hold it permanently. These Igbos officers saw that Igbos couldn't successfully compete politically with other major tribes in Nigeria, and so they had to kill the leaders of Hausa-Fulanis and the leaders of Yorubas so that their Igbo political leaders can have a vacuum to do whatever they liked with Nigeria.

    They forgot that when you kill, death also await you. Yes, they were killed in thousands and not in millions during the civil war.

    And so, why should we now apologize to them for causing their own deaths?

    As of today, if you call for the names of that tribe of those people in Nigeria that are known for carrying out most crime both inside and outside Nigeria, and both inside and outside Igbo’s 5 states in Nigeria, Igbo top the list. This fact is indisputable.

    Igbos are more of a curse and therefore a liability to Nigeria. As a tribe, their negatives are far more than their positives to our society.

    No one in Nigeria is threatening the Igbos but the Igbos are the ones threatening those who refuses to toe the path of destruction with them.

    Igbos are the ones wishing others death forgetting that either we like it or not, nobody lives forever, and that we will all die one by one when it is time.

    So, if anything, Igbos should be the ones apologizing to others in Nigeria.

    No sane Nigerian should and will be apologizing to Igbos. Never would that be happening.