Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Atiku Asks FG To Arrest Those Behind Anti-Igbo Song

A former Vice-President and Chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress,  Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has urged the Federal Government to fish out those behind a song disparaging people of Igbo extraction and ensure they are punished.

In a statement in Abuja yesterday, Atiku recalled that the Rwandan genocide was ignited by a song, titled ‘I hate Hutus’, sung by a popular musician, Simon Bikindi.

The former Vice-President called on men and women of goodwill to rise up against what he described as evil.

He said those who thought they could treat their fellow citizens unjustly, through a song, should also know that there were mechanisms within and outside Nigeria to ensure that they answer for their crimes.

The statement read in part, “It has come to my attention that a song disparaging people of Igbo origin, and which wishes them dead, is circulating in some parts of the nation.

“I totally and unequivocally condemn this development, and I call on all men of goodwill to rise up against this evil.

“This song is reminiscent of the beginnings of the Rwanda genocide. Nigerians need to be aware that the Rwandan genocide was believed to have been ignited by a song titled Nanga Abahutu (I hate Hutus), sung by Rwanda’s then most popular musician, Simon Bikindi.”


  1. This man is trying too hard against 2019

  2. Their songs,hate speeches or what ever holds no water.
    What will be will be.

  3. I disagree.

    Has any form of punishment ever been given to those Igbos who are always disparaging others who are non Igbos?

    Why is Atiku leaving the instigators of trouble (Igbos) alone while suggesting that those are tired of being ridiculed and are now responding (Northerners), be fished out and punished.

    When you start giving Buhari as a name to your dogs, and constantly wishing Buhari death while forgetting that Buhari is a household name not only in Northern Nigeria but in most areas of Nigeria, what does Atiku expect will be the response of the northerners and Non northerners who are Buhari’s supporters?

    You labeled a whole nation from which you are benefiting, a zoo and you expected no form of response?

    You labeled hard working Northerners parasites when you are the real cockroaches, locusts and parasites, leaving your region in thousands to other regions in Nigeria, and doing so well in those places far way from your own region.
    What does Igbos expect will be the response from these people that they are always abusing while benefiting from them?

    Even in SW Nigeria, where any notable Igbo dead or alive has been educated and made successful, the Igbos are now paying back Yorubas by claiming Yoruba heritage is no man's heritage. So, the likes of Atiku expects no response from Yorubas?

    Everyday Igbos are writing shit on social media on Yoruba politicians from Pa Awo to the the present day Yoruba leaders instead of these cretins to face their own leaders who simply refuses to develop their region. Everyday, they also writes craps on Yoruba traditional institutions.
    What does Atiku expects will be the response from the Yorubas? So, Atiku expects the Yorubas should just fold their hands and be watching events unfold?

    There is a clip of an Igbo guy on instagram where the guy was talking rubbish claiming Buhari is dead and would not be coming back. The guy was so happy talking this rubbish. A lot of his Igbo followers were backing him up instead of them distancing themselves from this mad man. What does Atiku think should be and will be the response?

    Politicians like Atiku need to face the facts and talk real truth instead of talking from both sides of their mouths just for political expediency and political gains.

    What is happening to the Igbos is what has happened in the past.

    Igbos are again constantly making everybody in the country dislike them like they did in the 60's till one day, when hell would be broken loose. When that does happen, Igbos will have no one but their sorry and hating asses to blame.

    Igbos need to look inward and stop the nonsense of being blind to the activities of Igbos that are detrimental to the survival and safety of Igbos.

    Igbos need to stop giving tactic support to mad dogs amongst them because when pushing becomes shoving, not only are those mad dogs going to be 'taken care of', anything Igbo would be 'taken care of'.

    In Africa, when you are at war, all is fair game including rape and cannibalism where you cook and eat the body of your enemies.
    I bet, Igbos are aware of this but like they did before, they still foolishly think they can overcome any war they brought upon themselves in Nigeria.

    As of right now, instead of our leaders to come out and say it as it is, they are either silent or talking rubbish like Atiku is doing here.

    Has the government been able to arrest those northerners that rightly gave quit notice to the Igbos living up north, But, here we have Atiku saying what is convenient for him to say for political correctness.

    Yes, Atiku is doing nothing here but talking rubbish and should not be taken serious.