Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chris Brown's Daughter Starts Business At 3

Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, isn't old enough to go to preschool, but she's more than ready to start a company. Royalty, with an assist from mama Nia Guzman, is unveiling a unisex kids clothing line personalized by the kiddo herself.

The collection features monster graphics, two-pieces and even cosmetics.

A clear case of "like-father-like-daughter" in the clothing department- Chris also has his own line of duds - Black Pyramid.

Royalty's goal is to push threads for the fun and energetic kid with an outgoing personality.


  1. That's so good

  2. Wow! Chris Brown's Daughter Starts Business At 3

  3. That's nice. This would be good for her future. Hopefully she sells well

  4. It is never to early to start making money

  5. Will start early with my kids too