Sunday, August 27, 2017

I Encourage My Children To Speak Like Me- Patrick Obahiagbon

Lol, Patrick Obahiagbon in an interview with Punch has said he would love his children to speak like him,  especially his youngest daughter. Patrick disclosed this to Punch, lol. He said;

“I have said it for the umpteenth time that I have never advertently set out to mystify my audience with what you have referred to as esoteric words and I neither studied Latin.

“The truth is that extensive reading is my hobbyhorse and these words and phrases become part of my vocabulary repertoire to use your words. Of course, I have equally posited elsewhere that the dictionary for me is a vade mecum.

“It bears reiteration that my family is already used to my idiolect and I am encouraging my kids along that path but of course you know these things cannot be decreed.I have endeavoured to encourage my children to try and cultivate the gift of the gab especially my young daughter who is exuding all the qualities of a scholar in her formative years and my pleasure will be boundless if one of them can be so motivated.”


  1. Lol oga patrick the grammarian

  2. No worry sir, dont force it your kids will choose their path. Everyone must not break grammar

  3. My son attends the same school with his daughter, very smart girl.may God almighty continue to guide her in all her endeavor Amen.