Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is Charles Okocha Not Lucky He Is Still Relevant?

Well, this is a personal observation and you can not tell me not to talk, LOL. So Charles Okocha who was sojourning in the US is back in Nigeria, and dude has been lucky, they have been calling him for movie roles. More shockingly is that, he has also managed to be friends with new celebs that one will wonder how that came to be. How do they merge? 1990s and the 2-0-1-7 guys? Lucky Charles. But then, his #HatersShoveItUpYourAss thingy is getting boring, every video on his IG is talking about that, lol. Call me a hater, it’s okay.


  1. Funny writeup

  2. What kind of write up is this???

  3. Madam i like to read your blogs but your captions and write ups are really bad. Hire a good writer, your blog should be popular na.. #businessadvice