Friday, August 4, 2017

Justin Bieber Won't Be Charged For Knocking A Paparazzo Down

Justin Bieber can breathe a sigh of relief because cops are not recommending any criminal charges against him for accidentally running his truck into a paparazzo.

Law enforcement sources say they've determined Bieber had no intent to strike the paparazzo when he left church last week.

Bieber's monster truck had knocked the photographer to the ground on that particular day.

Cops further say the photog was in the wrong for standing in the street, but since that's a minor crime he won't be charged because it wasn't committed in the presence of police. Fair enough on both sides? Let's hope their won;t be a civil suit.


  1. Accident...That's what it is.

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  2. Good. I guess the pap knows what he did and didn't want to make money from it

  3. The power of the Most High at work