Thursday, August 3, 2017

Kendall Jenner Gets Restraining Order Against Man Writing Her Creepy Love Letters

Kendall Jenner might finally get some peace of mind after a judge ordered the obsessed man writing her creepy love letters to stop and stay away.

Kendall wasn't in court but her lawyer, Shawn Holley, was Wednesday morning in downtown L.A. and presented a declaration from Kendall's head of security. That document was enough for the judge to grant her a permanent restraining order against Thomas Hummel.

He must stay at least 100 yards away and he's forbidden from trying to contact her in any way, shape or form for 3 years. Thomas also can't own any guns during that time.

Back in July, Kendall said she needed protection from Thomas because he was flooding her mailbox with love letters that later turned hostile - he went from professing his love for her to calling her "an internet whore." Lol, but now he has to stay away for 3 years. I think 30 years would have been more appropriate.


  1. Serves Thomas right. To love no be by force

  2. Mtchews. No be man she go marry. I don't see any big deal in a man writing her love letter