Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kendall Puts Her $6.5m House Up For Sale, After Burgling, ‘Fan Drama'

Kendall Jenner is selling one of her houses-the one thieves came to burgle. Sources say Kendall has a buyer on the line for the home that was burglarized earlier this year. It's also the house where a crazed fan followed her up her driveway.

So, after arrests, restraining orders and grief, Kendall's WeHo home is now up for sale. We are not sure what the buyer is paying, but we're guessing if Kendall got anywhere near the $6.5 mil she paid, she's more than happy to make a quick exit.

Recall her family, especially mom Kris was adamantly against Kendall buying the house in the first place, because it wasn't in a gated community and it was perilously close to the Sunset Strip? Well it looks her mom was right. Mamas are always right, right?


  1. Let me see if I can buy it...
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  2. Hoping she will get a buyer for it

  3. They are used to buying and reselling