Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Religion Permits Me To Date A Married Man- Mzbel

Ghanaian singer, Mzbel in a fresh interview has said her religion permits her to date married men. But wait it's not the normal one we all practice, it's - judaism. Lol. Read....

“My religion allows a man to marry as many as he wants so the ladies in Judaism accept the act. So far as he takes good care of you and does not give you problem, then you are good to be with him. Dating or marrying married man is not a big deal.

“The lady can also marry a married man but it has to be just one person in your life unlike a man who is allowed to marry even more than twenty women and be descent with them. If I am dating a married man I won’t be ashamed of it.

“I am not dating a married man but if I am, I won’t be shamed of it because God permits it. In the old testament, Solomon and others had plenty concubines. The only thing a married man cannot do is to take a another man’s wife.”


  1. No wonder you are not a successful musician, one singles since 2000 and nothing again, mtchews, let me catch you with my man

  2. But common sense should make you refrain from married men and also not to utter such statement. You will marry too and you are not the only female with that believe or who practices such religion

  3. Go and date a married man that his wife will deal with you. You will know chimpanzee no be bush meat

  4. Guess she is already dating a married man