Thursday, August 10, 2017

Oh Dear! Horror In Agege As Father Dumps Four Children At Local Council [Photo]

Oh my God! According to Agege Tv there was confusion at the Agege Local Government “Area A-Maternity Office” when a man carefully dumped his four children at the council premises with a note in their hands saying, he can no longer cater for them and their mother has since abandoned them for him.

The chairman was informed and they decided to take them to the nearest police station where investigation has begun. Honestly! What is going on in Nigeria?


  1. I am tired of APC government

    1. Taking abandoned children to police station?
      They need social care to de-traumatize and get them on in life.

  2. God will help us in this country, that is why it is good to have the number of kids one can feed adequately

  3. some people never still wake up in ghis nigeria to see level of poverty. we don't have government that cares and we have what it take yo care abt us.nigeria is like a joke,tribalism is still covering our eyes and before we will realize it might be late.WAKE UP NIGERIA!!!!!

  4. Wake up Nigerians and stop having plenty kids