Thursday, August 3, 2017

Photo: Man Who Parades Himself As Remi Tinubu's P.A Arrested

His name is Maxwell Olusegun Adegbenro. He pretends to be Senator Oluremi Tinubu's personal assistant online and has duped few people. One can only wonder why a man that looks well brought up like this will engage in such a act.

There are still legit jobs, you might not get so much pay, but atleast you know it's legit and won't
 disgrace your family like this. Best of luck to him!


  1. So shameful but wait o, I don't think I can pay money online to those I don't know and why would Remi Tinubu's PA be asking me for money. I will even collect money from them

  2. It is crazy to fall for these cheap 419. This kind of 419 doesn't work much these days. Anyone who falls to it is considered a village person

  3. He should serve as deterrent to others

  4. Afishe.... SMH.