Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Photos: Protesters End Rally Asking To #BringBackDiezani

The #BringBackDiezani protest has ended today, Heros Charly Boy and Deji Adeyanju announced the end today but not after EFCC received them yesterday and promised Diezani will be brought back and prosecuted. Two more photos from today's walk below. God Bless Charly Boy, Adeyanju and others! Herossssssssssssssssss!!


  1. Replies
    1. Will you kip kwayet?

  2. I thought they will do it for long

  3. Their motive may not be genuine. Nigeria judiciary will aquit that woman. It is better she is tried in UK then US and other countries where she committed financial crime b4 coming to Nigeria to answer for her crimes here too.

  4. And what is the outcome of this senseless protest? Don't be surprise, if Chraly boy decide to contest for a political post. this is just one of the tricks they use.