Thursday, August 24, 2017

Pictured! Kogi Pilgrim Dies In Mecca

An elderly woman from Igala-Mela Local Government Area of Kogi State, Hajiya Asmau Iyawo Abdullahi, has  reportedly died in Makkah, Saudi Arabia after a brief illness. Hajiya Abdullahi was among the pilgrims from the state performing this year’s Hajj.

The state’s Hajj Commission chairman, Shiekh Lukman Abdullahi Imam,  disclosed this, on Wednesday, while giving an update of the Hajj exercise in Makkah.

He said the  70-year-old pilgrim died on Tuesday morning due to some complications.

In his words “she died after all attempts by our medical team to treat her failed; she was an elderly person and her health deteriorated immediately she arrived the holy land. May Allah forgive her of all her wrongdoings; she  has since been buried in the city of Makkah.


  1. Lol @ Iyawo Abdullahi... Maybe she told the registrar her name was IYAWO ABDULLAHI Instead of the registrar to have simply put Mrs Abdullahi. Rip to her anyway

  2. This is actually a good ending for a Muslim, to die in a Holy place in the service of God

  3. Died in the state of ihram at hajj, with 5million+ Muslims to pray in her janazah. Rest in peace iyawo Abdulahi