Monday, August 28, 2017

Tyga's 2015 Lawsuit Springs Up Again

Tyga had better ante up A LOT of money he owes to his old biz partner, 'cause if he doesn't , Sheriff John Brown could come knockin' for the dough which is now more than $2 mil.

Tyga's former business associate, Chuon Guen Lee, just filed docs with L.A. County Superior Court asking a judge for an assist in collecting a $1.9 million judgment she won against him last year which has now ballooned to $2,148,411.

You'll recall Tyga was sued by Lee in 2015 for allegedly stealing their t-shirt idea for a company they were starting at the time called Last Kings. Welp, he lost that lawsuit and was ordered to pay up.

Lee's saying she hasn't been able to track down Tyga and if the court signs off on her request, Tyga might get a visit from a sheriff's deputy.


  1. Lol. I guess since he isn't with the Kardashians anymore the case would be reopened

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  3. He don enter am again

  4. Oh dear. He must be missing Kylie for this

  5. Blac and Kylie are laughing out now