Friday, August 18, 2017

When Will Nnamdi Kanu Be Re-Arrested, Seyi law Cries Out Over 'Biafra's Secret Service'

The comedian who time to time drop his opinion about Nigeria and things around have demanded Nnamdi Kanu be re-aressted and gave his reasons as this;

Have you heard that BIAFRA now has a SECRET SERVICE? When will the Government rearrest Nnamdi Kanu or have a referendum? Is Osinbajo trying to be politically correct or just following the silence is golden rubbish? There are certain things you don't condone and this is one of it.

 The build up of Al Qaelda, ISIS, Boko Haram etc all started like this. From formation to subtle killings and then, massive bombing and we will beginning to look for a needle in the forest.

The IGBOs in the NORTH will not come out to jointly condemn Nnamdi's act now, but once the North start issuing threats which is not right by the way, they will break the code of SILENCE. If you don't support this, speak now and not later.

Walls and borders have created disunity amongst us. Natural resources has become the bane of our agony. I hope we will not fold our arms and watch this Nation plunge into an unnecessary war. Anyway, before you crucify me, remember and know that my wife is Igbo and I have a daughter who is Yoru-Igbo.

SILENCE on this means APPROVAL.


  1. Well said. Nnamdi Kanu should be locked up again

  2. The truth is that Igbo people would not speak against the agitation as they are all in support of it; directly or indirectly.Those who are not supporting the agitation are either benefiting from the Govt of the day or their business/source of lively-wood may likely be affected if anything goes wrong; that is why they are not condemning the act in the open. Even though they have the right to agitate against marginalization but they should be civil and be devoid of selfish interest.

  3. Kanu should just leave this country with his yeye biafra

  4. Seyi law probably meant Kanu be arrested and tried for treason and not rearrested...dis is another serious crime against d state..d general security of d country is at stake here