Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Alas! The Man Who Allegedly Murdered Hector...

Suspected killer of Hector Jobarteh, the 2007 GUS winner, has been arrested after weeks of manhunt. Ismaila Adeyemi, 49,  was arrested at gas line Ominiyi in Ijoko area of Ogun state. He confessed to the crime amongst other numerous crimes he has committed.

By the way, Hector left behind his parents, a young daughter and a PREGNANT WIFE! Just speechless! How do people like this sleep at night!!!


  1. Heartless soul. He should also be killed

  2. We all need to chill, as this guy is just a suspect and is innocent till proven guilty not in a social media court but in a law court.

    Now, as any lawyer been assigned to this guy?
    Nope, and not that anyone here knows of.

    So, police just arrested him because of some phone business transactions that involved him, questioned him, slammed chains on his hands, told us this guy has admitted committing the crime, and boom he is now guilty and must killed too.

    Is this right?

    We all know how police all over the world frame innocent people to confess to whatever crime they wanted them to confess to, especially if the victim was a popular person and the police had a lot of pressure on them to locate the perpetrators of the crime.

    For any reasonable person to believe this guy actually committed any crime, he has to be provided a lawyer by the government if he cannot afford one(first and foremost).

    Then the police will start doing their work of interrogations with the evidences that they have. They would show all these to a judge and it is then that it can be honestly stated that he committed the crime if found guilty of the crime by a judge.

    The Nigerian police just rounding some jobless low lives (who cannot defend themselves) up and putting chains on them and then telling Nigerians that those low lives have confessed to committing a crime is very unfair and unacceptable.

    If indeed, this guy and his cohorts committed the crime, he has to face the punishment including hanging, but the police need to show to a judge that this guy and his people did the crime, and then the judge will look at the case and pronounced these people guilty if they are truly guilty.

    So, this guy may actually be innocent of this horrible crime, and therefore he should be made to have his day in court.


  3. The heart of man is desperately wicked