Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Babymama Beats Caleb Undergraduate To Death [Photos]

This is really sad. According to an eyewitness, Morrisom Akinyemi is a 300L student of Caleb University. He had an argument with his babymama, Chidinma, and one thing led to another. When the door of their room was opened, it was Akinyemi's corpse that they found.  Here's how the eyewitness narrated the very sad story.

“Like yesterday, he went for a part then came back around 9. But chidinma was not home, so he called her to ask her where she was. They sha planned to meet at one place.. When they came back they were with a Mr Biggs nylon and they went to their room.

Later we heard them fighting in the room and somebody was hitting someone’s head on the wall.. Chidinma open the door, she did not open the door… Later we did not hear their voices.

Like 30 mins later, she opened the door then joy’s mother and bro moor’s wife brother entered and saw Morrison on the floor.

He was unconscious and he had an injury on his head, and had a cloth tied to his neck. We rushed him to the hospital then they said he was gone.”


  1. The guy sef which food e dey chop. RIP

  2. Biafra babe kill oduduwa rep guy na wa o.

  3. Biafra babe kill oduduwa rep guy na wa o.

  4. Na the thing wey sweet am kill am

  5. Lazy boy girl beat u to death tufiakwa a boy should not lay ho hand on a woman if it gets confrontational guys walk out buy if it becomes a fight so be it .But for this girl to beat d boy to death this boy is a disgrace to his father which mouth dem wan take talk say petite girl beat u to death abi d boy na sickler

  6. As young as she is, Eyaaa..its a pity she will spend most of her days of life in prison..but how will she explain to her child that she killed the father...
    We hope the case will not be turned to something else tomorrow, trust the Nigerian judicial system to give a funny verdict if the parent of the lady have the cash flow..