Monday, September 18, 2017

Do You Believe This? Husband Of Lady Who Carried Placard Seeking A Job For Him Turns Down Job Offer

Lol, sometimes the way we see this things online isn't that serious. How many family men earn N200k a month. Now this one is saying the least he can take a month is N200k. Please wetin you wan offer the company? Are you the ceo? The man see you start his business? Lol, Omo na wa o. So popular philanthropist, KBK saw the viral photo and called the man up, and offered him a good pay! But the man says, sorry, 'the least i can take is N200k per month'. Here's what KBK wrote while notifying Nigerians;

Some of you might have seen this viral picture of wife scouting job for hubby. I called the number to offer her husband a job. Maybe create a post for him in the foundation,
but I was told, the minimum he will accept per month is N200,000. Maximum salary I ever offered anyone is a lil lower than the minimum he wants, so NO DEAL!

The man presently works with a bank that pays him 50k and he's being owed for several months.. He is a graduate of computer science. My conclusion: He doesn't need employment that bad! I pray his preferred job falls on him soon.


  1. Oh dear! Unserious people everywhere

  2. Well some people earn up to 150k and there are not Ceo's. I guess he thinks of himself high, hopefully he as the intellect worth 200k.

  3. Mr man is looking for an oil job or central bank job

  4. It is not his fault. I blame the wife trying to help him have more girlfriends. More money, more women

  5. It depend what he has to offer

  6. This person that offered the job is looking for who she or he is going to take advantage of.

    How can someone offer a computer graduate so low and on top of it, the company may not even have room for the guy to do what he really wants to do, and advance career wise.

    Now, because the guy turned down the cheap offer, this person is now broadcasting it over social media in an attempt to make the guy look bad and possibly make it difficult for the guy to get a 'real job' that he is seeking for.

    What kind of employer is this individual? Must we put everything on social media?

    This individual possibly offered the job to seek cheap popularity for himself or herself.

    There are hundreds of non graduates or graduates with silly ass useless "toro-kobo' degrees that are best suited for the salary you can pay. Why not offer any of them the job?

    Also, because the guy turned down your offer, in your mind that meant 'he doesn't need employment that bad' in your own words. What kind of reasoning is this?

    God forbid I was in that guy's shoes, I would have done exactly what he did. I would have politely turn down the offer.

    This is because it is far better working for a bank and accumulating solid experience while there despite being owed salaries than working for an obscure one-man company that I will possibly gain no experience from and that I can't put in my resume that I worked for.

    Is there not a Yoruba proverb that goes- "If you want to eat a toad, you eat the one full of eggs"?

    If there is, then that nigga took the right decision for himself. He wouldn't be regretting it.