Friday, September 22, 2017

Eedris Abdulkareem Again! This Time It's About 2face

Eedris Abdulkareem is at it again! This time he took a swipe at 2face saying 2baba neglected his old friends especially Black Face. He really said bad words to him, but Eedris isn't current about the state of their friendship. The Black Face he's fighting for has said he doesn't need the help of 2face and acts rich. To him, 2face will meet him in court over an alleged copy right issue... have you all forgotten? And never accused the singer of not giving him money in all his rants cus he is also rich!

What Eedris says after the cut. These GoldmyneTv people are just cutting the interview bit by bit, Wehdone o, wehdone, lol.

According to Eedris,  2face needs to forget whatever blackface did to him and render help to him.

''You must be stupid, you are my friend but i no send you.

Because your name na 2face that means your life is two, one here and there.

I don already know u tey tey that how fake u are two person.

But that your friend will have problem and you will not forget about what he has done to you and see it from the aspect that God is trying use u and see wassup with you

Show your brother love he needs you because na blackface bring you, na him form the Plantashun Boyz. Na blackface na him write most of the songs.

That enough is for you to use your head and say omo na my brother be dis no matter how it is i have to keep it real...''


  1. Attention seeker

  2. Lol. Eedris is just trying to be relevant. Nobody should pay attention to him

  3. Eedris is gradually turning to KOO, needs to be taken to yaba left asap. Do you know his wife's number or anybody related to him @ ladun

  4. Well, everybody know Tuface and black face can never gree because the marijuana blackface takes affected his brain

  5. Attention seeker oniranu. Eedris is just looking for relevance...


  6. But this egbon Idris no be small pikin nah. He should start acting like one.