Saturday, September 23, 2017

Eniko Now Wants Kevin Hart's Phone Passwords

Kevin Hart is about to be put under a massive microscope! Now, his wife, Eniko, wants complete access to his phone after his explosive cheating and sex tape scandals!

“Eniko [Parrish] does genuinely believe Kevin [Hart] loves her and regrets the poor decisions he’s made. His public apology and admission of guilt went a long way to making things right. But there’s still a ways to go. He’s going to have to rebuild the trust because it was pretty much shattered. She wants all his passwords and the right to look at his phone anytime. Now, it’s on him to prove to her that she can trust him,” a source close to Eniko tells

Considering Kevin is being extorted over an alleged video tape showing him making “mistakes” and stepping out on his seven months pregnant wife, it's very understandable why Eniko would want full access to her husband’s phone.

“I made a bad error in judgement and  put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen and they did. And in doing that I know that I’m going to hurt the people closest to me, who’ve I talked to and apologized to, that would be my wife and my kids,” Kevin said of being extorted in an Instagram video posted on Sept. 17. “At the end of the day you’ve got to do better, but I’m not going to let someone make financial gain for my mistakes….I said I’d rather fess up to my mistakes,” Kevin had said in the post.


  1. Lol phone password sha? What planet is she from? What if he gets a private phone that he never brings out when with her or deletes anything incriminating before give her the phone?

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  3. Knowing the password to a man's phone wouldn't stop him from cheating if he wants to

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  4. Sure! it does not hurt that he is rich too... that never hurts... smh


  5. Is she a learner. That can't change anything

  6. Will that stop him from cheating

  7. What is she expecting before? Karma is still coming