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Monday, September 4, 2017

Enough Of Poverty & Suffering Of The Masses Seun Kuti Tells Buhari-Led Government

Seun Kuti is presently on Twitter now, tweeting and asking the Buhari-led Government to indeed make a change. He says people are suffering, the country isn't the way it ought to be and the Government is quiet. He also asked them to open closed universities saying why will schools not be opened. Though still tweeting, here are part of what Seun already said! See below...


  1. He is absolutely right. This country is upside down

  2. Seun kuti and Charly Boy are the only celebrities that can speak up to government without minicng words

  3. Others should speak up for Nigerians

  4. Do you think ruling Nigeria is easy? Lil patience for pmb, he will still deliver