Tuesday, September 26, 2017

'FAKE OYINBO' Nigerians Come For Ben Bruce After His Buhari-Popularity Tweet

You guys just read what Senator Ben Bruce said - the immediate post below. Well, some Nigerians think otherwise, most of them that commented below the post tho, and even went on to call him names. They actually went really bad on him... One even said FAKE OYINBO. Just read their tweets below... Rude 'shuldren', lol. [Not easy trying to type like Falz]


  1. Lol at when you tweet too much, you will have no common sense

  2. Truly, he got served big time.
    The guy is always talking nonsense.

    And he is graduate and not one of those illiterate herdsmen senators from the north.

    There was a time he was saying most Nigerians should be using electric cars by now. That most Nigerians presently depends on their China made generators to generate electricity for themselves does not make any meaning to this senator.

    Senator Ben Bruce couldn't figure it out that only countries generating more than enough electricity for themselves can afford to be using electric cars.

    Anyway, he is from the SS Nigeria, where the only clueless president Nigeria ever had came from. So, it is not surprising that he is a clueless senator who is always talking without ever thinking.


    Hopefully, he would be keeping quiet for some time.

  3. The guy is always talking nonsense

  4. He got served. Nigerians have no chill

  5. What is this man saying sef

  6. Chindrennnnnn!!!!!!! Will you keep quayet?