Saturday, September 9, 2017

Girl Who Went Hermes Birkin Shopping Spree With Mayweather Identified As Biggest Stripper In America

Love me some TMZZZZZZ! Here's just how the news website reports it, go TMZZZZ! Lol.

Here's the TMZ Sports good deed of the week ... we've identified the mystery woman out with Floyd Mayweather in Beverly Hills ... and she's glorious!

Money dropped around $250k on Birkin bags in BH Wednesday, and while that was impressive enough, the question everyone wanted to know was, WHO WAS THE HOT CHICK WITH HIM.

Our in-house eagle-eyed perv (Van) jumped on the case and positively identified the smoke show as Red Rose La Cubana, a model and featured dancer at Floyd's strip club, Girl Collection.

Red Rose is famous in her own right, with over 1 million followers on IG, even being described to us by one source as, "The Biggest Stripper In America."

BTW ... we're told Red Rose and Floyd are "just friends" ... for now at least.

ME: Yea we know screwing is on the table, but do you think they are going to date? Lol.


  1. They always have a thing with strippers

  2. You drop money when you have nothing else going on for you as a man to win the chick.
    Just don't tell anyone I am not man enough, will buy you more stuff.