Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Groups Want Justice For Woman Husband Infected With HIV & Threw Out

Two groups, The Women Arise For Change and Campaign For Democracy are demanding  justice for Mrs Titilayo Emiabata, in a case between the Commissioner of Police, Ogun State vs Mrs. Titilayo Emiabata which will come up tomorrow, Thursday,  21st September, 2017 at the Chief Magistrate Court in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State. Actually, her husband a Naval officer got her arrested.

A statement signed by Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin and Deacon Obatungashe Adebayo after the cut....

”The husband to the accused person and nominal complainant in the case is a Naval officer who is currently serving at Barrack Maintainance Unit, Port Harcourt by name Lt. Cdr. Kazeem Owolabi Emiabata, deliberately infected his legally married wife Titilayo with HIV and threw her out of their matrimonial home after she discovered his anti-retroviral drugs and medical records, which showed that he had been on treatment for a long period without disclosing his status to her.

She confronted him and later told her parents about her predicament when she got tested and her result came out positive.

Lt. Cdr. Emiabata had threatened to deal with his now estranged wife if she exposed his HIV status and has vowed to use the Police and other means to “kill Titilayo before HIV/AIDS kills him”.

Titilayo is being prosecuted by the husband and the Nigeria Police Force for alleged “house breaking” and “stealing” because she went to pack her personal belongings out of their matrimonial home after she was sent out of their matrimonial home.”

It is on this note that the Women Arise for Change and the Campaign for Democracy demand that justice should be done in the case.

Rejecting the treatment meted out to Mrs Titilayo Emiabata by her Naval officer husband, in connivance with the Divisional Police Officer of Ago-Iwoye in Ogun State, the group commended a Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Mr. Inibehe Effiong who is representing Titilayo in the case for his determination to defend her pro bono and bring her husband to book.

The groups also saluted the courage of Mrs. Titilayo who has decided to speak out publicly about her travails and status for the sake of other vulnerable members of the society, particularly oppressed women.

The groups therefore call on gender rights advocates, human rights activists and the media to show solidarity with Mrs. Titilayo in court believing that Injury to one, is injury to all.


  1. This is not fair. She must get justice

    1. She deserves it.... I pray and hope she gets justice.

  2. Abeg, this life don tire person jare. People's actions now is not different from that of animals

  3. God will fight for her

  4. This woman alleged that her husband infected her with HIV.

    How are we even sure it wasn't the woman herself that infected her husband with HIV?
    Where is the proof that it was the husband that got the HIV first and then infected her?
    How are we also sure that this woman wasn't infected by another man she was screwing by the side while still married to her husband.

    If it is indeed true that it was the husband that infected her with HIV, her husband did her wrong by not disclosing his status to her, but he is still her husband as she married him for better for worse. No be so?

    Somebody (a medical doctor and not one herbalist somewhere) placed the husband on ART to manage his HIV.
    It is also the responsibility of that doctor to have insisted that the wife should be informed.
    The husband is a military officer, and that doctor too is likely a military doctor and in the military there is no room for disobedience.

    So everybody failed this woman, but does this mean that it is right for this woman to start publicly disgracing her husband by disclosing his HIV status to all Nigerians?

    I really don't think so.

    So, it is needless to state that this woman is not taking the right steps to solve her marital problems.

    This case is better settled by family members on both sides and not by jobless people disguising as managers of NGO's, and not even by the police.

    It is a family issue and it should be left for the concerned families to settle.

    Now, Campaign for Democracy, an organization solely set up by Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti is no longer what it used to be since the death of Dr Beko.

    The family members of Dr Beko Ransome Kuti (especially the daughter who I know is a lawyer) should take over the control of Campaign for Democracy as the organization is presently being used to score cheap societal relevance by fake people masquerading as activists.


    1. Please hold it there! If the husband hadn't infected her, why was he hiding his status from his wife? He hid it because he was too sure he contracted the disease. It's just simple enough

    2. You have a point, though the husband could have decided not to inform the wife, because he wasn't sure who infected him between his wife and his numerous side chics.

      Be it as it may, this is a family issue and it should be settled by the family of both husband and wife.

      She is a HIV positive now, where is gonna go?
      To another man to infect him?

      Is it not better for to settle and remain married to her HIV positive husband?


    3. You have come back here!

  5. What is the proof her husband infected her?