Saturday, September 23, 2017

Jay Z Disrespects Trump, Says He's A Joke

Jay-Z has no respect for President Trump but is holding out hope for the future.

The famous rapper, who supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election, told BBC on Friday that black people have been through so much more than Trump and that this presidency is a joke.

"I believe that we are resilient, especially us as black people and especially the culture. We've been through so much more than this guy," he said in an interview with BBC Radio 1. "This guy, I'm looking at him like, man, this is a joke, with all — I can't even say with all due respect — with all disrespect."

The “4:44” rapper went on to say that Trump is not a “sophisticated man” — particularly pointing out the ideas that everyone is free.


  1. I'm so happy Donald Trump won. Because stupid rich celebrities like this fool Jay-Z and his cohorts thought they could fool Americans not to think for themselves, but rather him & his hollyweird celebrities could tell Americans who to vote for. Sorry to disappoint you Jay-Z but Americans can actually think for themselves. So FCUK you & your Hollyweird friends. And by the way your friend Obama didn't do shit for blacks. Maybe he did a whole lot for you & his faggot hollyweird friends but he didn't do shit for blacks

  2. He is not the first to insult him

  3. Who voted for him then if everybody hates Trump? So many Americans love him genuinely

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  4. Blast him wella

  5. No one respects trump, but hey Obama had a lot of hate too