Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mum Having S3x With Daughter's Husband Tries To Run Him Down In Car After Affair Exposed

A mum who was having sex with her daughter's husband attempted to run him down in a car after the affair was exposed.

Kathleen Davis, 58, had been secretly sleeping with Michael Sciarra, 33, behind her daughter Hannah's back.

When Sciarra eventually confessed to his wife, Davis was apparently furious because it had "damaged" the mother-daughter relationship.

Police in Palm Beach, Florida, said the controversy exploded into violence last week.

Sciarra told officers he heard "banging" noises from inside his home and when he opened the door, Davis was throwing eggs at his house and car.

She then got in her Mercedes and repeatedly attempted to run Sciarra down, according to a police report.
The officer wrote: "I observed Sciarra actively running in different direction in an attempt to avoid the vehicle being driven by Davis.

"The vehicle came to a stop upon observing my patrol vehicle, and Davis was detained due to her actions.

"It should be noted while I was detaining Davis, she spontaneously stated something to the fact of “I threw eggs at his car and I wanted to run him over."
Sciarra said he "feared for his life" and wants to press charges.

Davis has been arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Photos on Facebook show Davis smiling alongside daughter Hannah and her grandchild, and helping her get ready on her wedding day.