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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

My Mother Is My Everything, Duncan Mighty Chastises Men Who Value Wives More Than Mothers

The Port Harcourt singer says no man should value his wife more than his mother. He posted the above photo with the caption;

After all this suffer make pikin see food chop and pay school fees ,the idiot will bring in one slay queen and forget his mother's effort,,, u still made it yet u driving car while she still treks to the market........ Woe unto any man who values his gf/wife more than his mother ..... My mother my everything...

What sayeth thou?


  1. Mothers are rare gem

  2. I hope this won't affect his marriage. Wisdom is profitable

  3. Men that don't understand family values will put their mother before their wives and children. That is how my mother in law is manipulating my husband. I pray God opens his eyes soon.

  4. And some wives are praying for the death of their mother in law. Karma is a bitch

  5. Same way my mum over any man. You must marry my mum before marrying me

  6. This is for the media, right?