Monday, September 18, 2017

Pathetic! Woman Sells Off Cousin's Kids For N1m After Attempting To Murder Her [Photos]

The shocking story was shared by Facebook user, Princess Amicable. Read what she wrote below;

"What a world!!!a world full of evil,a world full of wickedness, a world where man's inhumanity to man is on the increase,a world where people turn down on their conscience,a world where people have no value for human life,a world where hatred,bitterness,and jealousy is the order of the day,a world where brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, and nieces tend to forget that blood is thicker than water.

A world where children and adults are no longer save,a world where the rule of law is no longer applicable,a world where everyone is above the law,a world that makes me cry all the time,a world I have ever regretted being born into,a world where I frown at the rate of killing of lives,a world where people no longer have respect for blood and lives of fellows.

I wish I can cry out the more about this wicked world going to a month now I've gat reasons to ask God why but I take solace in his word that says in all things give thanks to God I cry everyday for this singular act of wickedness pepetrated towards my aunt my (mum's their 4th daughter )and my cousins nwachukwu and Adazion who were kidnapped and their mother brutally butchered by her counsin (my aunte)

It was on a fateful Tuesday morning when my aunte came to our maternal home and picked up my mum's sister and her 2 children all in the name of trying to show her something in the place she was married too with every trust my aunte had in her, she trusted her cousin thinking that she meant good for her and her children.

They boarded a bike to a place called Mbieri in Imo state but unknowingly for my aunt there was a danger ahead of her and her 2 kids by her cousin.

when the got to a particular spot they pretended as if they wanted to ease themselves it was a plan deal with the okada man to do so, as the okada stopped my mum's sis who is in this pix was grabbed immediately and the started cutting her throat with the knife but thanks to this almighty God who never sleeps nor slumber the knife was blunt they had no option than to start stabbing her with the knife.

I can imagine how she was begging her cousin to forgive her ,to spare her life and to help her live again (sobs)but her cousin my aunte turned a deaf ear until she passed away.

 Immediately, they noticed she has lost consciousness they flee with her two kids and went straight to Anambra state and sold each of the kids five hundred and fifty thousand naira only both were sold for one million one hundred thousand naira only.

The overdo God brought back my mum's sis to life on the following day being Wednesday if you noticed 2wednesdays before the last one it rained heavily my friends I want to tell you all that my aunte was bitten by that rain throughout that night in the bush. am crying my heart out because my heart is broken, because of man's inhumanity to man,as she regained consciousness she started shouting and she was found by good samaritan and was taking to police hospital in imo state.

She was able to tell her stories that it was her cousin that did this to her. It hurt me so much that I couldn't do anything to save her I couldn't donate my blood because our blood types are not the same,I don't have money to bring her back,I don't have connection to bring back her kidnapped kids but all I got is my 2 kneels consistently on the ground praying for the safety of those kids,they will not be killed for ritual this ember month.

 Over a month now they kids are nowhere to be found.i don't want to talk about the efforts of the police,suspect refusing to go and point who she sold the baby too hmmmm and police said gini kwanu if you ask me na who I go ask my aunte kept asking my mum about her children if they are still alive.

 I and my elder sister have resorted to going to men of God for prayers they all told us that they see blood but that the little one has escaped but was knocked down by a car and in a critical condition yes they Are seeing it but the call money for me just to pray for the children to be found and I don't have the money apart from the counselling fee I have paid hmmmmm and my question is can't they help us without us having to pay a dine.

My battery is down my lovely people even though I have more to say.but the only thing you can do for me is please at your convenience please take your time to pray for the safety of my cousins that they should be found and anybody holding them should release them that God should put confusion in the life of the buyers and that any police officer that have compromised this case that God should expose him and make him confess.

I know I can't pay you all for your sacrificial prayers that's why am begging you all for your free prayers for the life of these little ones happiness have left me I can't stay a minute without crying thinking how they are fairing.

it hurts so much my friends here is their pix in case you see a missing child somewhere that looks like them please inbox me I have written their names earlier God bless you all as you join me in prayers thank you.please help me share as well you can be saving their life for doing so thanks for your time,attention, patience and help.

God bless you can all.i will be back on once I charge my phone thanks all."


  1. As I started reading about these despicable acts, I know in my mind that it must be Igbos involved.

    And boy, was I right.

    At the end, what are they doing with all the blood money?
    Buying worldly things they don't need and doing "show off" with them.

    This one just bought that, that one just bought this, and then what??

    My Igbo brothers and sisters, what is it?? What is really it??

    You can consider this my writing as hate speech if you want, I don't really care. Yes, I do not care.

    One of my uncle told me one time that when he was growing up in the 60's, when you see a wealthy Igbo man, you wouldn't know that he is wealthy.

    This uncle of mine told me that the only way you will know that an Igbo man is wealthy is when you see how well kept his wife and kids are, the kind of nice clothes the wife and kids put on when they are going for church services and when you go to their homes and see the nice and expensive stuffs they have.

    But today, it is the the opposite. It is the exact opposite.

    Poor Igbos, both educated and uneducated with no source or sources of income suddenly displaying huge and massive wealth they cannot account for.

    Ok, their men are mostly merchants who are into buying and selling whatever catches their fancies, most of which are fake and adulterated products, all over the nook and cranny of Nigeria.
    Their women, though a high number of them are educated, are something else.

    And now boom, for all of them it is money at all cost.

    Killing even their relatives for rituals, selling their relatives off in order to get paid in cash, and setting up baby factories where their girls are being impregnated and their babies sold off for cash are all nothing but child play for a typical Igbo.

    The other time I saw Egbon Charly boy crying and lamenting over the carcass of one of his cousins who was killed and the body parts harvested in the south east. It was saddening, that I almost cried.

    To be fair to the Igbos though, killing fellow humans beings for money is not being done only by Igbos, but it is just that na igbo own pass every other tribe in Nija.

    The most annoying thing is that our government is so confused about how to deal with Nigerians who can't account for their sources of newly found wealth and so they are leaving those people alone while chasing shadows and claiming they are busy fighting crime and corruption.

    Here in the States and even in Europe, you will be questioned by the government and your properties seized if you cannot account for their sources, and so I think it is high time our government in Nija starts doing the same.