Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Photos: Ambode Erects Awolowo's Statue In Lagos

The Governor says the statue is erected to serve as a constant reminder of the need to value the contributions of the heroes past. More photos...


  1. I love mrs osinbajo simplicity

  2. His grandchild must be so elated

  3. Nice, but the face of that statue does not look like Awo's face.

    The cap matched, the glasses matched a little bit, but the face is another person's face.

    That face no be Awo face, I beg.

    Maybe na the face of one of Ambode's late uncles for him to approved this stature.

    This statue needs to be redone. It should be done excellently.

    If we are going to display our history, it should be done properly.


  4. Kudos to Governor Ambode