Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Please Who Is The President's Daughter Referring To?

Hahaha an older man your step mother? She's the only one that understands her sub! Zahra!


  1. Waiting for you to tell us, analyst ladun

  2. Is it true that she's preggy sef?

  3. Someone is on her neck nonstop. Sorry

  4. Who cares, she is so irrelevant

  5. Abba Kyari and mamman Daura

  6. Ladun, she is referring to the 2nd most powerful cabal in Aso rock who happens to be her father's (President Buhari) nephew.

    Her father's nephew (an old man) has completely taken control of President Buhari to the extent that Aishat Buhari(President Buhari's wife) and President Buhari’s children can't even see President Buhari without going through this old man who is President Buhari's nephew.

    It is also on record that the last time Aisha Buhari went to London to see President Buhari when President Buhari was sick, the old man who is the president’s nephew prevented Aisha Buhari from seeing her husband. Aisha Buhari came back to Nija without setting her eyes on her husband.

    In Aso rock it has got to the extent that this President Buhari's nephew is now responsible for organizing president's Buhari's meal, clothes, and well being and this why the President daughter wrote that shit up there, as she herself can't see her father without going through the old man who is her father’s nephew.

    That nephew of President Buhari is presently acting as if he is president Buhari’s second wife.

    Ladun, I am not going tell you his name. You are a journalist, so get off your ass, do investigative journalism, and find his name on your own. Lol.

    Ok, you want a hint….. let me see…..yes, I will give you a hint…. that old man last name is actually the same word as where President Buhari came from and it starts with letter D.
    So, if you know the name of the hometown of President Buhari, you got the answer.

    There is also a gist at Aso rock that Aisha Buhari labeled that particular old man “Iyawo kekere” in Hausa language while the old man labeled her a “ terrorist” for terrifying him for taking care of his uncle who is President Buhari.

    There is a lot of drama going on in Aso rock. Some are just simply unbelievable, but very true.


  7. Meaning to say an old man taking the role of a step mother. Please lean to read between the lines....

  8. Replies
    1. Yes. You got it. The second most powerful member of the cabal operating in Aso rock as of today is Mamman Daura. He is a nephew to President Buhari. He has cornered our president and through family ties taken him hostage. It is bizarre but so true.