Thursday, September 14, 2017

SEEMS Diddy & Cassie Are Engaged For Real

Hahaha Cassie won! Well, she took a lot of sh*ts tho! So Diddy this morning posted the above photo saying TeamLove and it's the best picture of them together and chorused I LOVE YOU tagging Cassie. Recall Cassie had flaunted a ring recently with many of her followers congratulating her after spotting the blink! We kinda love their love, but how many ladies can take all the BS Diddy gave? Hahaha certainly most women can't! Mba!


  1. Just like tuface and annie idibia it paid off for Annie at the long run

  2. Imagine your caption ?? She won ?? Won what ? What did she win ?? You are the type that the motivational speaker woman was talking about , when all you have in your head is "the man is the ultimate price ". That's how u kept on uploading ur friends pic faith on this blog showing us she's the real yomis gf , where is faith now ? Got pregnant ,Have a baby , now a baby mama , still yomi casuals is getting married to grass ! Win my ass ! U better do sth abt ur thinking !

    1. Calm down. Ladun jokes a lot

  3. Lolll u dint post my comment bout u

  4. Anne idibia of America. Congrats love. Love will always find a way