Saturday, September 23, 2017

TMZ Insists Kylie Jenner Is PREGNANT, They Make A 2nd Post

Hear them; Kylie Jenner's got the mom-to-be look down pat ... baggy pants, baggy shirt and food in hand, since she's now eating for 2.

Kylie hit up Malibu Wines Friday on the heels of our story that she's expecting with BF Travis Scott.

As you can see ... comfort was clearly her top priority.

As we reported, Kylie and Travis have been telling friends for several weeks now that they're going to have a baby. Travis even told a few friends they're having a girl. Oh TMZ...


  1. Lol. That is if her family will allow her to keep it

  2. Will her pregnancy heal the world and stop wars and violence?

  3. Na to be a babymama like her sister

  4. Must they all born b4 marriage??? wa o#familyish...was so l'ayo o

    1. Kim K had hers after marriage