Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Ushbebe For President!

Lmao, wait, let's talk about him a little sef. Do you know Ushbebe already own a house and quietly moved in like nothing happened? Well for those of you following him on IG, he posted some photos and still acted like nothing happened even though the house set him back with huge millions. Well this afternoon, Ushbebe has once again shown his giving side.

Liz Black posted photos of her son on a motorbike (okada) saying it seems her son is tired of his red little bike and wants to upgrade. Ush however saw the photos and said over his dead body will Quamil ride an okada and promised to bring him a new bike. His mom- Liz who was excited about this, shouted Ushbebe For President, lol, no be lie!

 Their conversation below...


  1. Interesting. The world must not know everything about you

  2. He is a funny comedian

  3. Replies
    1. Dont make life too hard for yourself always relax and understand jokes

  4. ...lmao, if Ushbebe does not buy the bike ehen, i will tell EFCC... Yomi Black

    1. Hi aunty Liz, your son is so cuteeeee
      Ushbebe is the real man....No qualms

  5. I hope he will fulfill his promise

  6. President Ushbebe rocks