Friday, September 29, 2017

Woman Dies During S*x Romp With Married Man

A man simply identified as Tolu has landed in trouble after he had sex with an epileptic woman and she died in his room during a sex romp in Lagos.

The incident happened at Oke Odo area of Lagos where both the woman and the man reside. The man has been arrested and detained at Oke Odo Police Division and he is now being charged for murder.

P.M.Express gathered that the suspect secretly invited the deceased when his wife was not around and engaged her in sex romp that lasted for hours.

However, during the romp, the lady started breathing heavily and became unconscious on the bed. The suspect quickly wore his clothes, came out and raised alarm which attracted the neighbours.

She was rushed to a hospital. However, before the doctors would attend to her she passed on. The doctors only certified her dead and her corpse was deposited at the morgue for autopsy report. The incident was reported to the police and the suspect was arrested and detained at the police cell.

P.M.Express gathered that the deceased’s family was contacted, they confirmed that she had epilepsy and she might have died due to suffocation during the romp. However, the police insisted that the suspect was culpable until the report proved otherwise.

Meanwhile, both the police and the suspect were waiting for the report to know the next line of action. When our reporter visited Oke Odo Police Division, the suspect was still detained there.

The DPO was said to have gone to the State Command at Ikeja for CP briefing. However, a police source said the matter will be transferred to SCID Panti for further investigation.


  1. They are consensual individuals. No crime if that's actually what happened here. An accident

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  3. This is so shameful. Rip to the dead

  4. What a sad story. They are two consenting adults. At least he took her to the hospital and did not try to cover the whole thing up. May God have mercy on her soul and may he comfort her loved ones.

  5. The guy should be charged with murder.

    Some guys think suffocating a woman and causing so much pain and discomfort to a woman during sexual intercourse is part of sex.

    I bet you the woman would have been telling him she couldn't breath or that he was causing her distress but the idiot kept on grinding the woman as if he was grinding pepper.

    The guy should be given a life sentence so that no woman would have to experience this kind of thing from him again, and this would also send a message out to those guys out there who are like this idiot.

    Asphyxiating a woman during sex is not part of sex but an act done by deranged guys who only enjoys sex when they cause pain and discomfort to the woman they are having sex with.

    This guy needs to be permanently locked up and the key thrown away.


    1. Olu ur a big idiot if ur not a retard u would know dat sometimes excitement of the mucous membrane triggers an epileptic attack. Did d guy kill her intentionally u go just open ur mouth dey talk rubbish oloshi