Monday, September 18, 2017

Yomi Casual's Bride To Be Speaks With City People, Talks How They Met & More

Yomi Casual will any moment from now tie the knot with his beautiful fiancee, Grace Onuoha (they already had the trad). In a sit-down chat with City People, Grace spoke about how they met, how she has managed to cope with him for seven years and more. Enjoy!

The day he proposed publicly, how did you take the whole drama? How shocking did you find it?

(Smiles)Oh, yes, it was really shocking. I didn’t see it coming. I just didn’t see that coming at all.

He told us about the little prank he played on you, that he pretended he wasn’t feeling good anymore about the relationship and was seeking to put an end to it, how were you able to process all of that situation when he now suddenly proposed?

You know, I’m used to him already, I have my own tactics and I know how to deal with his antics (smiles) so, I was able to pull myself together and just had to move on from there. There were things that had happened in the past and I remember what he did then, so I knew it was all for the better.

What was the attraction for you? He already told us a little about how you guys met.

(Smiles) Ah, it’s a long time ago now, about seven years ago. I don’t know.. Hmm, what will I say is the attraction now?

Why didn’t you ignore him that first time when he approached you?

Okay, yes, I think I saw a friend in him. Regardless of whatever we see when a guy and a girl meet for the first time, I was able to look ahead of time and saw a friend in him. I think that was probably the attraction and that was what I wanted the relationship to be based on first before it became a full blown one. It was good, I guess.

You’re Igbo, he’s Yoruba, how were you able to convince your parents because I know Igbos are particular about where their kids marry from?

I didn’t have to convince anybody. My siblings and I were all born and brought up here in Lagos. I have got tons of Yoruba friends, in short, ninety percent of my friends are Yoruba and my parents are not tribalistic in anyway. And thank God I’m not the first child, most parents are always particular where their first daughter marries from and I’m like the sixth child so it wasn’t a problem at all.

You’re clearly a shy person, while Yomi is the outgoing type, his line of business, especially, requires that he mingles a lot. How have you been able to cope with someone who is always out there and who is popular?

I don’t think it’s something you learn, I think that at a point it just becomes a lifestyle for you. There’s no book that teaches anyone that if you marry a celebrity, these are things or guides you must follow. The more you go into it, the more you learn how to handle things like giving him his space, allow him mingle because of the type of business he does. It’s more like a lifestyle for me already.

What would you say has kept the relationship going after seven years because Yomi is a restless person, he’s outgoing and all that, what has kept you guys together?

Let me just put it this way, it’s been the good, the bad and the ugly.

Can you explain what you mean by that, please?

Okay, what I mean is, there have been good times, there have been bad times, and there have been very ugly times. So, the way you handle the different situations are what gives you the drive and the push to keep moving. We don’t give up on each other. And thankfully, even with the good, the bad and the ugly moments, we never gave up on each other.

What do you do?

I’m an entrepreneur, I sell jewelry. I deal basically in fashion jewelry for women.

How was growing up for you?

I have spent my entire life in Lagos. I did all my education in Lagos, I went to the university of Lagos and after I graduated I made up my mind I wasn’t going to work for anyone and I decided to set up a business and earn money for myself, but now I earn for my family (laughs).

Give us an insight into the Yomi Casual that a lot of people don’t know.

Okay,. You know, when you were saying he’s the outgoing type, I looked at you like, no, I don’t think that’s Yomi. I won’t describe the Yomi I know as the outgoing type. He’s that kind of reserved person that always wants to have some time to himself. Apart from when he’s working, he likes to stay indoors, just chill at home and enjoy his relaxation time. And I will say he’s also a very shy person.
You’ll think because you see him out there a lot of times, no, he’s an extremely shy person.

What’s that part about him that you love the most?

The part about him that I love the most is the fact that he’s a very selfless person. He’ll rather go out of his way to do something for you just to see you smile. He could go out of his comfort zone to please anyone, not just me. I have seen him do this times without number to people he doesn’t even know. I will say he’s a very selfless person.

On a lighter note, how many kids are you guys hoping to have? Have you guys talked and agreed on that yet?

(Laughs, looking across the room at Yomi for support) Ah, I don’t even know. Okay, let me say two. For us, I think two kids will be fine.