Tuesday, October 3, 2017

A Ring & Two... Venita Tarka Shows Of Post Baby Bod 12 Weeks After Giving Birth

Video vixen cum actress, Venita Tarka 12 weeks ago welcomed her second child and mama is already back to the gram reppin. She posted the above photo (left) and captioned it;

A Ring and two đź‘Żlater...#12weeks #postpartum

But wait, like some of our readers usually say, is there a price new moms compete for when they snap back fast for social media instead of concentrating on their babies? Lol, we are not saying this for her, unfortunately it just came under her post. Hot bod? Killer killer??


  1. I should ask you Ladun if there is price for it

  2. She looks good

  3. my thinking too. Is it a competition. so many young women have lost it and made their baby suffer

  4. Abeg, concentrate on taking care of your baby jor

  5. Everybody trying too hard to be BEYONCE