Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Autopsy Confirms Tagbo Died Of SUFFOCATION

Acting Police Commissioner of Lagos State, Imohimi Edgal has announced, Tagbo Umeike, Caroline Danjuma's late boyfriend and Davido's friend died of SUFFOCATION.

He made the announcement at a briefing this afternoon and said Davido has been reinvited for questioning.


  1. What do dey mean suffocation abeg dey should clear d air did some one obstruct air from is wind pipe and lungs

    1. The guy was legally drunk when he died.

      Drunk people tend to vomit, and the content of the vomit could then block off their airways leading to suffocation or what is better called Asphyxiation.

      This is why it is better to let drunk people lie flat on the ground on their left side with their mouth open (called left lateral position in medicine) so that if they vomit, the vomitus will come out of their mouth instead of going into their airways/wind pipes to block it off.


  2. If only they didn't leave him in the car alone. Who knows

  3. We shouldn't be too hasty about this matter moreso as investigation is ongoing. Let the police come out with their investigation report before we start drawing conclusions instead of speculations, please.

  4. Davido is hiding something in this. God will expose his real killer soon